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#leavealegacy #Buildhope #SaveALife #4200
4200 feet of hope
#LeaveALegacy #BuildHope #SaveALife #4200

Our Dream

Construct and sustain a maternal-infant care hospital in the nation’s capital city that would specialize in high risk care and serve as a catalyst of education, preventative initiatives, and perinatal policy development

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Our Mission

Reduce the infant mortality in Honduras by assisting with the provision of optimal conditions for pregnancy, birth and newborn care.


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Our Strategy

Provision of supplies and equipment, advanced training, and implementation of low-cost, effective initiatives at reducing neonatal mortality.

Our Vision

To give generations of parents in Honduras the gift of hope and the ability to take their babies home in their arms.


Escuela Hospital, the largest public hospital in Honduras was designed for 7,000 births annually and has been outdated for decades.  In 2014 the hospital expects to attend an estimated 25,000 births.

7/10 Deaths that occur in the childrens wing of the hospital are newborns.

1969 - 7,000
2011 - 16,346
2013 - 22,000 Births


  • In April, Katie Castro suffered the worst loss a mother can imagine - the death of her infant daughter, Lily. Now, just five months later, Castro has been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Hope Is Born
    Hope Is BornThe Post Journal
  • Little Angels of Honduras, a nonprofit organization founded locally by Chautauqua County natives Christian Perry and Katie Castro, begins a fundraising initiative Monday involving four local high schools. This initiative is based on the belief that young people in Chautauqua County have the ability to impact the larger, global community for good. The schools participating are Maple Grove Jr.-Sr. High School, Falconer Central School, Frewsburg Central School and Jamestown High School.

    Little Angels Of Honduras Battle Of High Schools
    Little Angels Of Honduras Battle Of High SchoolsThe Post Journal
  • The cruel reality in hospitals in Honduras crosses borders and in solidarity with newborn children, a group of Honduran and U.S. citizens have created the Angels Foundation.Federico Alvarez, an adviser to the foundation, explained that even though Honduras has big needs, they have decided to focus on newborns and "give them a chance of life" children.

    They will create the Children's Hospital in Honduras
    They will create the Children's Hospital in HondurasRedaccion/Agustin Lagos N.


  • DelCampo International School Clash of the Classes
    DelCampo International School Clash of the Classes
    Congratulations to DelCampo International School on their outstanding fundraising efforts in their Clash of the Classes. They collected 2,512 diapers, 1,304 wipes, boxes of antibacterial gel and baby clothes, and they raised $728. The winning grades were 6th grade for Junior High and 9th grade for Senior High. Congratulations Wildcats!
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  • DelCampo International School
    DelCampo International School
    Little Angels of Honduras inaugurated their first Honduran School club at DelCampo International School in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on September 23rd. 50 students form part of the club and will participate during this academic year in fundraising and service projects to benefit infants in their country.
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  • Inaugural Gala of Hope, 2014
    Inaugural Gala of Hope, 2014
    On August 16th, 2014 our nonprofit organization Little Angels of Honduras hosted our inaugural Gala of Hope at the Jamestown Train Station. This memorable evening included delicious food and beverages, casino style games, a silent auction, music, and a raffle to win a vacation getaway to Las Vegas.
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