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Ashley Ebel

"My name is Ashley Ebel. I first went to Honduras on a missions trip in 2015 over spring break and then again for a 4 month internship later that year to work beside the executive director. To say Little Angels has changed my life would be an understatement. Everyone involved with operating this organization has become family to me. There is nothing more humbling than volunteering to "give back" and realizing in the process that these people have changed your life way more than you could ever impact theirs."

Hannah Lutz

"My name is Hannah Lutz and I am a fourth year Industrial Design student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I was asked to travel to Tegucigalpa, Honduras with three other students, Mary Golden, and Christian Perry. I was at Hospital Escuela to observe KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) for my studio class back at school. Our project was to create a wrap to help mothers practice KMC. My trip to the hospital was eye-opening and completely life-changing. I was able to take back all of my new knowledge of KMC, present to my classmates, and to design a wrap for the mothers. This trip has giving me the want to keep working with Little Angels of Honduras to help the families of Honduras even more."