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Thanks to YOU, We've Been Able to Accomplish a Lot

Thanks to our donors and partners, Little Angels has made some great strides in reducing infant mortality, supporting healthcare policy change, and raising awareness of the deep gaps in the public healthcare system in Honduras. We would like to share a few of our great accomplishments with you:

1. Partnered with universities from the U.S. to develop socially responsible design solutions which will all improve maternal and infant health in Honduras.

The following curriculums at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have been developing projects that all will benefit Little Angels mission of reducing infant mortality in the country of Honduras:

  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Marketing/ Branding
  • Photo-journalism

The following curriculums at Alfred University have worked on projects that all will benefit Little Angels mission of reducing infant mortality in the country of Honduras:

  • Marketing/ Branding

2. Completed a national diagnostic study and developed curriculum to open a post-graduate neonatology fellowship at the national university.

Little Angels of Honduras has initiated the development of a neonatology fellowship for the country of Honduras in Partnership with the National Autonomous University of Honduras and the Panamerican Health Organization.

Future specialists will be able to provide the following benefits to their country:

  • Improve the quality of newborn attention with a wider and better informed, criteria.
  • Provide specialized medical care to newborns at the specialist’s place of work and assume responsibility for replication of neonatal knowledge among existing support staff.
  • Participate in the reformation of national neonatal health standards and in the processes of educational formation for staff assigned to the areas where neonates are attended.

3. Shipped thousands of pounds of supplies to hospitals in Honduras:

Little Angels of Honduras has shipped thousands of pounds of supplies to public hospitals in Honduras. These supplies have touched the lives of thousands of newborns.

4. Brought hundreds of U.S. volunteers to Honduras and strategically placed them in areas of the country offering medical training, distribution of supplies and equipment, and made minor improvements and renovations to hospitals.

Mission teams pursue maternal and infant health by assisting in the areas of education, construction, medical care, and care for newborn babies. Teams seek to empower individuals I embracing a revolutionary movement of bringing hope to the nation of Honduras.

5. Developed a relationship with the government and private sector of Honduras

Sustained strategic meetings with the First Lady of Honduras Ana de Hernandez, with the Minister of Health Yolani Batres, with the Minister of Finance, with the Honduran-American Chamber of Commerce, and with representatives from the private sector of Honduras.

In October 2014, the creation of LAH’s proposed maternal-infant care hospital was presented in Honduran Congress by Congressman Antonio Leva.